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Because I am Beautiful | Luxury Boudoir Photographer

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This is Alyssa and she is BEAUTIFUL.

Alyssa came to me with a friend in tote – double sessions with close friends are always SO MUCH FUN!! I loved Alyssa from the start! Her personality is out of this world AWESOME and man can she “bring it” in front of the camera. We spent the morning laughing, dancing, and drinking champagne. I helped her choose her ultimate outfits and we started her session right away. I love Alyssa’s sassy personality, and boy can she make me laugh! After our session, she walked away with an extra pep in her step and I couldn’t wait to show her the images I had created!

Alyssa had such an amazing time with me and her experience at Kellie Mae, that I wanted to share her review of Kellie Mae session:

Q. What did you really like/enjoy about our services?

A. There was an amazing level of comfort extended by every person that I met upon walking in the door. I was introduced to the hair and make-up artist, the photographer, the assistant, offered refreshments and shown the studio. Everyone was welcoming and it felt like a family within minutes of arrival. I have a husband who adores every inch of my body, unfortunately, I don’t share the same opinion. I needed to treat myself to an experience that would help me to see myself through his eyes. After viewing the pictures and watching the videos on the kelliemae website, I knew that this was my opportunity to pamper myself and reward my husband for his unconditional love of me and my body. I could not have been happier with my choice or my experience. I felt like a queen from the moment I stepped in the door and the pictures are life-changing. If I could give any women one piece of advice, it is this: Don’t wait. Don’t wait for the perfect time, or the perfect body…this will change your perspective and your life. Thank you kelliemae, you have made me a fan…of myself.

And, if that review didn’t make me cry enough, she chose to share her own experience on her personal blog HERE.

Reviews like this, and people like Alyssa are what drive me to keep pushing myself to help change how women view themselves in a “nip tuck world”.

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Ready to give yourself permission to be BEAUTIFUL? email me at: kellene@kelliemae.com


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