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Celebrating Goals! | Luxury Boudoir Photographer

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Miss K and I have been good friends for years now. We have worked together many times, as we both have a love for photography and videography! Miss K recently made some healthy weight loss goals for herself to get down to her “pre-baby” weight. She worked very hard to loose the pounds she wanted to in a healthy manner, and just really wanted to celebrate! She ALSO wanted to surprise her husband with a VERY SPECIAL AND UNIQUE gift, so she went ahead and booked a session at our studio along with a friend of hers!

I LOVE when clients book sessions with their friends because GIRL TIME is always that much MORE fun! Both ladies arrived nervous, but excited to get completely pampered, made-up, and of course photographed! Both hot mama’s left my studio that afternoon with an extra kick in their step and sway in their hips that they didn’t have when they walked in. They left Kellie Mae feeling AMAZING, SELF-CONFIDENT, AND EMPOWERED.

“From the ‘welcome,’ to the hair and make-up, to all the little touches and Kellene coming in every now and again to make sure we were relaxed, everything was great! She asked us our favorite drinks, music, and “styles” of photography and matched everything I loved. Everyone was easy-going and kept us relaxed during a photo shoot that I might not normally be comfortable with. But, she helped both me and my friend to realize how beautiful we really were. We were both in GOOD tears when we saw the pictures of each other and knew we would want to come back again!”

I especially enjoyed both girls in-person preview sessions! They arrived together with their hubbies in tote, and it was SO fun to see both girls reactions, ESPECIALLY hubby’s reactions! We always are afraid of what our husbands will “think” and I will say that I have NEVER had a husband not have their jaw DROP at the sight of their incredibly beautiful and incredibly sexy wife!

Here are some of my favorite images from Miss K’s Boudoir Session…

Karina-1 Karina-7 Karina-26 Karina-31 Karina-33 Karina-42 Karina-49 Karina-52 Karina-65 Karina-67 Karina-68Ready to book your OWN incredible boudoir experience with Kellie Mae? Email me at: kellene@kelliemae.com


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