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Studio Inspiration | Portland Boudoir Studio

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I LOVE DESIGN. And Painting. And Decorating. And creating inspiring spaces. And DIY projects that seem pretty much impossible. And I love a challenge.

In my typical fashion, I am embarking on yet ANOTHER design project in my home, taking over yet another room in my house for the sake of my incredible boudoir studio. I recently decided to makeover my daughters room, so her brother could share it with her. At first, Little Miss had some concerns, as most 6 year old’s would when they are told their 1.5 year old brother was going to start sharing a room with them, but alas, all her worries dissipated once she saw mama’s cute design for their new diggs! Both got new beds, coordinating bedding, and instantly they we giggling late into the night with each other, as hubby and I listened on the baby monitor. Joy wells in my heart hearing my two babies enjoying this precious sister and brother time; for so long I thought I’d never be blessed to hear. I am still amazed at how God works, knowing He has bigger plans for me than I could ever dream. Despite missing my son Leo desperately, who would have turned 4 this July, seeing Nevaeh and Enzo together fills my heart with hope.

Because my kidlets are now sharing a room and enjoying every minute of it, I now have a large empty bedroom that is calling my name. HELLO new wardrobe/makeup room and HELLO Studio Workspace and Client Preview Room! WOOHOO! The thought crossed my mind yesterday morning around 10am, and as always when I get an idea, I make things happen. By 4 pm I was in possession of new paint, banks of vanity lights, a mirror, and some other do-dads to start this transformation.

Lots of people ask me how I come up with my design ideas, and are always shocked when I tell them “it just comes to me”. I usually get an idea in my head and just go for it! I will scour Target, Tuesday Morning, Home Depot, and Home Goods for the perfect base pieces and paint, and set to work! The last studio makeover took me only 4 days total and went from an empty basement space to a full studio with 8 different sets!

For my workspace/wardrobe room, I am taking a little more time – and by that I mean a few extra hours of brainstorming. I’ve wanted to create a “sanctuary space” to do my editing in as well as a the ULTIMATE girls room for our clients to get ready in, and to preview their images in. So with that in mind, I created this inspiration board!

Inspiration Board


I’m so excited to start painting tonight! I figure in roughly 4 days, I’ll be hanging out in the most amazing room in my house!! Be on the look-out for progress images as I showcase the new room design and all it will feature for our amazing clients!!

PS: you still can snag the Mother’s Day Rate of only $395 for your Boudoir Session!! Purchase a gift certificate today and lock in this special price!! kellene@kelliemae.com



  1. Scarlett Lillian - May 9, 2013 12:12 am

    Love love love! Can’t wait to see how it turns out! 🙂

    • kelliemae - May 9, 2013 1:55 am

      Thanks girl! I figured you would be excited!! Now I have to make it all happen and PS painting a room with a 6 year old and almost 2 year old isn’t really gonna work out LOL! That means I have to take wait until bedtime before I start my adventure 🙂


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