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Harmony… The Fabulous | Portland Boudoir

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Why did you want to do a boudoir shoot?
After working exclusively with Kellene, the artist and owner of Kellie Mae, as her stylist (providing makeup, hair, wardrobe styling), I scheduled my shoot. I decided that I have waited long enough for my shoot and my opportunity to be in the spot light.

How did you feel as you were preparing for the shoot?

A small part of me was terrified (even though the photographer was beyond her years in talent, and she is one of my bestest of friends), the other part of me was wildly excited. This session was to be a secret gift to my wonderful husband on our upcoming anniversary, as well as commemorate nearly 5 years of a healthy lifestyle change. I wanted my shoot to be different and I wanted something special to wear, so I dug out my wedding dress, took it to a designer and had her take the dress apart and make a corset and detachable skirt. I then had a wonderful friend (who is also my personal hair stylist) take pieces of the dress material and beads from the original wedding hair pin to make a flower for my hair.

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I grabbed items from my closet and borrowed from Kellie Mae’s wardrobe, and snagged up a few new things in the process. I have short and sassy hair and love it. My husband loves whatever I love (smart man), but I wanted to add something sexy and ultra feminine to my shoot. So, I had my hair stylist put extensions in my hair, and one of my girlfriends who is also a makeup artist, did my makeup (SUCH a treat to have my makeup done!).

On the way to the studio I was so nervous that I was shaking and my hands were sweating even though I have taken that drive many times and knew exactly what to expect. Kellene had her famous muscato on hand to help calm my nerves- thank the stars, because I needed it! I invited two other girlfriends to home hang out for the shoot and enjoy muscato, music, and the most amazing, epic girl talk in the world! While being pampered by my glam squad, Kellene worked her artistic eye and pulled outfits out of bags and pieced together bras, undies, shoes, jewelry, and set ideas. It was SO exciting! It was my turn! After about 2 hours of having my hair and makeup done, and enjoying several glasses of muscato, I was ready to enjoy my shoot. We were shooting for a little over an hour and a half, and over that time I was in at least 6 different outfits. It was so much fun!!!

harm test

harmony-10 copy


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Did this experience change the way you see yourself, or the way you think of beauty? Anything else you want to share about your experience?

In the hours following the shoot, I was buzzing and glowing, still enamored with what had just happened. I was also checking my phone like a crazy person for a “sneak peek” email with images from Kellene. Later on in the evening I received a handful of images of my shoot. I was in awe of what I saw, floored really. Everything about me in the physical sense was somehow more beautiful than I imagined or saw in the mirror every day. I kept wondering and thinking to myself, “Is this what my husband sees and fell in love with?” How could that be me? How are those my legs? Do I really look like that?? I’ve eagerly shown a handful of girlfriends, who say I look like a “real” model and that I look like real artwork. That makes me feel amazing, considering I’m almost 33, I’m only 5’2″, my thighs touch, I have cellulite, I’m battling cystic acne, and baby got back. When I came home that evening my husband was completely blown away with my appearance. Being a makeup artist my makeup wasn’t all that different to him, as he’s used to that, but the hair extensions really had him stopped in his tracks. I had to make up a story about why they were in my hair, but having him believe it was all that I cared about, as to not ruin the surprise weeks away! He just kept staring at me all night and saying, “wow. just wow.” He was literally smitten to a point of being speechless. He was so smitten that the next day he wanted nothing more than to wander around in public, hand in hand while, window shopping. It was so wonderful and precious. It almost felt like we were brand new to each other, 10 years later.

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Your favorite moment of the whole experience?

Three weeks after the shoot Kellene and I met together to have dinner, and I invited my husband along to meet my friend, (finally!!). Our secret ulterior motive was to show him the images of the shoot, my 7th wedding anniversary gift to him. So I lured him with lasagna and explained that I wanted to show him the studio where I work and to meet one of my newest best friends. We got him into the studio and Kellene started the slide show, and it took a few takes (literally) before my husband realized the hot chick on the screen was me. From that moment on, he was blushing, fanning himself, and very vocal about his happiness over the pictures. Such a wonderful surprise to show him, and Kellene caught most of it on video! Make sure to watch it! Later on that evening we looked at the images again and he was enamored over this gift. I thought he would be hesitant to decide upon anything other than an album, but he’s decided upon multiple canvases and a book. The next day he kept telling me that he can’t believe how lucky he was to marry me and that he just absolutely loved the pictures and couldn’t stop thinking about them and this gift.

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Any advice for ladies thinking about doing a boudoir shoot?

My boudoir session with Kellie Mae was seriously better than I ever expected or ever dreamed. It was also more relaxing and enjoyable than the day of my wedding. I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy my wedding 7 years ago, but let’s be honest- WEDDINGS ARE STRESSFUL. Never in my life did I feel more beautiful, supported, sexy, and accepted. Images validated my hard work of my healthy lifestyle changes in the last 5 years. It was absolutely, without a doubt, one of the best days of my life. The boudoir session with Kellie Mae is not just a photo shoot- it’s an experience, and a life changing one at that. It’s about the appreciation of valuing our own uniqueness and physique, capturing our essence in time, and celebrating our lives. I’ve been blessed to have been part of so many other days as the stylist for Kellie Mae, but after my shoot, I can appreciate my career and the women I get to meet so much more. The day of the shoot was such a blur, but I am still basking in the afterglow and floating upon cloud nine, and appreciating the fact that my very own body is truly a work of art and I must accept and appreciate it more often.

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