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Primers | Makeup Monday from Kellie Mae

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Makeup Monday!

The summer can wreak havoc on your skin and how your makeup wears, and you might end up  having your makeup slide off your face from sweat and humidity and then you might end up ditching your makeup all together and going bare faced. Although there’s nothing wrong with going bare faced, having foundation or tinted moisturizer on the skin truly helps add a nice flawless look to your face. Here’s a handful of tips to help your face stay flawless looking in the dead of summer.
Primers Are Your Best Friend
After you’ve performed your morning ritual of cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and applying SPF to your face, you’ll want to add a primer. Not all primers are created equal and there are primers for almost every skin you could imagine. Two of my favorite drug store brand primers are NYX Photo Loving Primer and Rimmell London’s Fix & Perfect Primer. They both wear well and hold and lock in your foundation great! The NYX Photo Loving Primer is similar to Smash Box’s Photo Finish primer, at a small fraction of the cost. It glides on your skin nice a smooth, and does an excellent job with fine lines and large pores. This primer works and wears well with most liquid foundations. However it doesn’t cooperate so well with cream based foundations (the silicones in it causes the cream foundations to ball up on the skin). The Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Primer plays well with water and silicone based makeups and can substitute as a moisturizer in a pinch. I use it to thin out cream foundations and make them more of a liquid consistency, as this can help evenly distribute product on the skin. This is my favorite drug store primer.
Both NYX and Rimmel primers can be found for under $10 in most stores.  My Personal Favorite Pick- NP Set, Calming Foundation Primer. It comes in a little light green tube and I LOVE IT. I have cystic acne and so my skin is always inflamed and angry when I have to rub anything on it. This stuff calms my skin and helps neutralize the red (green tint) in my skin. It stays put, helps my foundation stay put and feels good on my skin. This runs about $30 at Target.
Don’t Have The Time?
If you are an on the go gal like myself and all these layers pf product will make you crazy, try making your own custom blend of a Beauty Balm. Here’s what you do:
Gather your favorite moisturizer, Face SPF, Primer, Liquid Foundations. You will also need a small jar/tube/bottle (travel sections are great for this!), a small bowl and spatula (a butter knife or Popsicle stick is a great start!). Make sure that you’re working in a sanitary set up and that your hands and all tools that you’re going to be working with have been cleaned and sprayed down with 90% alcohol. Let dry once you’ve sprayed.
Remove a little bit of product from each tube and put in your small jar. Start out with a little bit of each to make sure you’re getting the desired consistency of product. Use more moisturizer and less foundation if you want tinted moisturizer, etc. Keep stirring until you get the desired consistency and color you want for your face. It may take a little trial and error, and remember to add a little product at a time to get what you want. Otherwise, you’ll end up with wasted product, and wasted product doesn’t save you any time or money, does it?
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