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Miss I came to me back in May after finding me through the Boudoir Divas International website. We chatted on and off as we planned her amazing session! Miss I chose to do this session for both herself and her husband.


When asked about Miss I’s experience, she said, “Thank you for sharing your talent so that women can see how beautiful they are and how confident they can be!” I LOVED capturing her amazing beauty! Harmony and I love getting to know each and every client, and styling every look personally. We spared no detail for Miss I’s session, and man oh man could she BE any hotter?

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I asked her personally who she wanted to take these images for and her response was simple…

For who? Me. I need to be reminded that I am beautifully created in the image of God and for my husband. I want to remind him that I, with all my perfect flaws am here for one earthly man, and that is him.

With every single client that I photograph, God reveals to me my purpose. I am blessed beyond words to be His “hands and feet”. I’d have to say that the best aspect of my job as a photographer of the boudoir genre, is seeing how my work in capturing women’s true beauty can help to heal marriages, past hurts both personal and within a marriage, and empowering women to believe in their true beauty; as the image God created them in.

Looking back on my life, I never thought or dreamed that I would be here today, capturing women through my lens and walking a path with women to help EMPOWER them, INSPIRE them, and change how they see themselves despite what pop-culture attempts to convince us about our bodies and SELF-image.


My advice to all women is this… Live in today, LOVE YOURSELF. Love yourself as others love you – just as you ARE. So many women I chat with tell me, “maybe I’ll have images taken after I loose 10 lbs.”

I challenge you with this idea: GRANT YOURSELF GRACE.


You are beautiful – JUST AS YOU ARE. What if for a moment you were able to breathe in the idea that you are truly incredible, truly beautiful, and truly a masterpiece. Believe that you are worth it, because YOU ARE WORTH IT! We are all meant to shine in this world, and our light gives life to others. Client after client, I receive comments like this one, and I realize the power of capturing women.

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This is my purpose on this earth… to reveal your beauty. Sometimes it is difficult to see what is right in front of us our entire life. Whether we loose ourselves through experience, loss, parenthood, divorce, or illness; your beauty is there all the same, waiting for you to recognize it again.


Are you ready to reveal your true beauty? Don’t wait… email us today to schedule your own luxury boudoir experience with Kellie Mae. kellene@kelliemae.com


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