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Boom.Chicka.Boom. | Portland Boudoir

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Meet Alexis…

Hoooollllaa Hot Stuff! Seriously, Alexis just rocked this session OUT! Harmony and I LOVE what we do at Kellie Mae, and watching each client transform in front of the camera. When I asked Alexis why she wanted to do a boudoir shoot she said, ” I think boudoir, especially the way Kellie Mae does boudoir photography, is so classy, fun and sexy! I needed to do something that was refreshing and this was just it! I haven’t felt more beautiful in so long and I couldn’t of asked for more. I had been thinking about doing a session for awhile and this was the perfect time in my life to do it.  I haven’t felt the way I did in so long, and doing this boudoir session made me feel alive again and show me how beautiful I am.”

At Kellie Mae, we pride ourselves on bringing YOU the “Ultimate Boudoir Experience”.  From start to finish, our goal is providing YOU with a day of ultimate pampering, making sure you feel like the super-model you truly are! I asked Alexis what her favorite part of the session was … “Honestly I’m not sure there was just one moment that I could pin point to be my favorite. The whole experience was truly amazing! I had so much fun getting my hair and makeup done, drinking champagne and then of course had a blast doing the photos. The Kellie Mae team made me feel beautiful and at ease the entire time.” 

One of my FAVORITE aspects of Alexis’ session was that she DIDN’T purchase ANYTHING for her session! LADIES! We all know we have cute stuff at home that we have accumulated over the years – our sessions are the PERFECT place to showcase your favorite items! Here is a bit more on Alexis’ wardrobe plan…

I brought things that I already had, I actually didn’t shop at all. I brought the basics like different colored bras, different booty shorts and cute lounge/pj set. I also brought a few sheer tops and a flannel that I was unsure about, but I’m so glad I brought them because turned out well using them 🙂 bring everything and anything you have or might be on the fence about.

We know that sessions at Kellie Mae are an investment, SO, brining in items you already own really can cut costs so you can put more funds towards speciality products to showcase your amazing session!

With all of our clients, I always ask some “Just for fun” questions; here is what Alexis had to say…
Define what SEXINESS &/OR BEAUTY means to you:
“Sexiness and beauty to me comes from within. I think confidence, letting loose and having fun are some key aspects to allowing it to shine.”
Here are some of my favorite from her session.
If you are interested in your own luxury boudoir session, check out our session options HERE.
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Currently booking sessions for February and March. Click here for more information about Kellie Mae and the luxury experience we provide!

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