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Get your sexy on | Yakima Boudoir

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This sexy thing answered my latest model call, and we hit it off from the start! We had SUCH a blast, laughed more than adults should, and most importantly, captured some of the craziest, sexiest images EVER!

One of the best experiences of my life. I am still shocked at how comfortable I ended up being and absolutely floored at what she captured. There just are not words!!

I brought almost my whole closet haha! But we narrowed down to three outfits; a black and navy lingerie set with black thong, and a lacy white bra and panty set, and of course the Cowboys jersey with the white panties. And then, I was so comfortable after going thru the whole process that I got rid of the outfits completely!!

Holy smokes!!! Kristi rocked my hair and makeup and I had told her the kind of makeup I would like and she exceeded my expectations!! I was blown away at myself!!

I’m not sure if I was even sure what vibe I was going for. I wanted to incorporate my boyfriends favorite team jersey in a sexy and fun way for him especially in those shots and I think we rocked it. A mans jersey is HUGE and not flattering for a woman haha but those shots-wow!!!
I was nervous about everything!! As women, we all have ‘that face’ and a part of our body maybe or something that we just don’t like about ourselves. I mean, we are our own biggest critics. Kellene makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed just by coaching or even taking time out of her own day to text you and assure you that everything will be fine. I was having nightmares even and I text to tell her about it and she assured me that she would help me thru everything. I’m so thankful to have had someone like her.

Absolutely the best investment you can make for yourself even if doing it as a gift for someone else. You can be nervous and you will be glad you did it times a thousand!!

I entered a model call and thought with my boyfriends upcoming birthday it would be a great gift to him. Not only to him though, I was so excited to do this for myself. When I entered the call, I had said that I wasn’t as fit as I’d like to be but I am happier in life than I’ve ever been and can say I love myself now! I have kicked around the idea of boudoir but was never serious about it and then I thought, here’s my chance!!! The feeling loving myself only intensified after seeing my sneaks. I embraced me and who I am now curves and all!!
I love to let my creative side out. Painting, coloring, just making things out of whatever is around is so fun. Music is a huge part of my life and it gets me thru anything or ready for anything! I do everything to music!
Being silly, open and comfortable with the photographer! I loved that she coached everything and made me feel so relaxed! ‘Ok, so you’re here and I want you to go here and here!’ With all the hand moves and everything!
It was a model call and we used her new studio space. It was perfect and the natural lighting in that room was perfect!
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