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Beautiful Bump | Maternity Boudoir Photography

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outdoor maternity session

Stunning Maternity Boudoir Photography

Today, I have the luxury of sharing such a gorgeous boudoir photography session! I cannot begin to describe how much I love this session. I really wanted to capture the pure, undulating beauty that comes with pregnancy, and I can honestly say that this beauty blew me away!

Maternity Boudoir Photography is such a special type of session. Nothing beats the opportunity of being pampered, adored, and photographed; and it’s even better when you are expecting! Taking some much needed ME time was one of the reasons Miss A was SO excited to book her own pregnancy boudoir photography session. This busy mama has lots on her plate, so having the opportunity of some self-love really hit the spot! She was an absolute ROCK STAR both in front and behind the camera and I’m so excited to share her images with you!

Fantastic. It was something I never thought I’d be comfortable doing and in the end I would recommend it to every woman. Do it at least once.

We ended up using a bra I got from Macy’s and a couple tank tops from Walmart Mart. Wore a necklace from Kellie’s closet.

I really enjoyed the hair and makeup part of the session. It was a good time to get comfortable with the photographer and she pampered me with cider and snacks. Next time we will do wine or champagne.

I was comfortable. I think trusting my photographers sense of style and she nailed it. I didn’t want it to look too sexy and it really was spot on. I wanted something tasteful but modern for my maternity photography session, and I am so pleased with the results!

My photographer set me at ease quite quickly. The first few shots were nerve racking but I listed to her guidance and became comfortable quite quickly.

Don’t stress about finding something perfect to wear. I think the more simple it is the better. I was worried I didn’t have enough and didn’t get enough stuff but I really didn’t need it.

I entered a contest in her website and she chose me to do a Model Shoot. I probably never would have done it between a busy lifestyle and confidence issues but I’m glad I did. I did it for myself and I have never been more pleased.

I’m very outdoorsy. Love fishing, hunting and playing outside with my boys. I’m all about being a mom and wife. This was very out of context for me.

My favorite part was when I looked in the mirror after hair and makeup. I honestly almost cried. I’ve never seen myself so glamorous.

I was honored to have the outdoor shoot with the sunset behind me. Chosen by the photographer.

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