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Soul Seeker| Boudoir Photographer Yakima

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boudoir shadows

She would roam forever in the quiet fields of my soul…. – Atticus

Stunningly gorgeous, she walked through the door of the studio with eyes bright and full of excitement, and maybe a touch of nerves. I remember looking at her as we spoke about the mundane details that makes this life so imperfectly sweet, thinking how absolutely beautiful she was, how her hair fell perfectly over the side of her face, and how she glowed as she laughed. I knew that we were going to make magic happen in the studio. I prayed that she would trust me, and allow me the chance to capture the vulnerable side that we all hide so carefully. We shared our testimonies during hair and makeup, both realizing that we have so much in common and we could relate to the pleasures and pains that we had both gone through in this crazy thing called life. After taking a peak at the epic outfits she brought in, we made our game plan that included a lighter, airy look of a white body suit and a nude lip color, a 50-shades inspired look with a deep red lip and vixen colors, and of course, the session couldn’t be complete without a few nudes and a white sheet thrown in the mix.

I knew she was nervous, so I made sure to show her a few images on the back of my camera, and that wiped away any fears she had. She instantly went all in, and followed everything direction I gave her. The results were fucking mind-blowing.

It’s been six months since her session and she is still saying, “HOLY SHIT, that’s me!”

Connecting with my clients is key. Being able to listen and validate their stories not only matters to them, but it matters so much to me. Boudoir is such a journey of discovery. We often don’t even know what we might find, and more often than not, we are shocked at how we fall deeply in love with ourselves. It’s not vanity, it’s a pure love that only comes from allowing the shades to be opened just enough to let light shine through so that others can see it. It’s about owning the body we were given, and languishing in all it’s curves without self-hatred. It’s about taking steps of healing in your heart and mind. And it changes EVERYTHING.

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