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Reflections in Business; Patience is King.

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I remember the morning my 3rd child born. He arrived 13 weeks early with no warning signs of what was to come. We spent 80 days in NICU with what seemed to be no end in sight.

But then, one day, I arrived at NICU & he was in a real crib instead of an incubator & I saw that glimmer of shadowy light I had been striving for.

Weeks later, I got to bring my son home.

There was no HUGE moment that said there was a 100% chance he’d make it there. It happened slowly & gradually, until the day finally arrived & I was oddly shocked to hear the words, “he’s ready to go home.”

In life & business, patience is key & reflection is living in the abundance of self-awareness. Two years prior, I gave birth to a son who was also born 13 weeks early.

Except he never got to come home.

He died in my arms in a dim hospital room.

Sometimes we don’t arrive at the destination we planned; and it’s devastatingly heartbreaking. And other times we expect the worst and the unexpected miracle happens. There are so many moments in our life that beg to be reflected on; monthly, weekly, even daily. Reflect on the abundance in your life today.

Be reminded of the wins and the loses. When we are aware, we become grounded in our goals, and that’s when we are the most effective.

image by Stefanie Galfano Photography

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