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God placed something HUGE on my heart.

While attending a workshop for wedding photography in the summer of 2012, I got an idea that had nothing to do with weddings.  I sat in my chair at the workshop arguing with Him about this new idea he placed on my heart.  I took a deep breath, asked for His strength, and raised my hand. After being called upon I blurted out of nowhere…

“I want to start a photography brand that empowers women, through boudoir… or something like that.”

I couldn’t believe what I had just said, but once I said it, God put into motion bigger ideas than I could have dreamed.

I came home from the workshop, and couldn’t rest until I launched my newest brand, Kellie Mae – Luxury Boudoir Photography. I had a completely full summer of weddings booked, but spent every extra moment I had building my new Boudoir brand and getting the word out to the world that I have a heart for touching the lives of women and truly changing how they view themselves.

I believe that ALL women are BEAUTIFUL. No matter what size you are, or age you are, you are ALWAYS loved. This life we’ve been given is precious and we should celebrate who we are, just as we are!

My boudoir studio started small, and its overall purpose was simple – capturing every client’s unique beauty and showcasing it through the art of photography. About 6 months into launching Kellie Mae, I realized that I needed a studio space to accommodate the amount of clients I was photographing weekly. I took over my house and created a full studio in the daylight basement of my home, a wardrobe/hair and makeup room in my master bedroom, and a beautiful client viewing room in my living room to showcase my client’s images in a one on one environment.

Soon my session demands were beyond what I could accommodate in my studio, and I took a big leap and started shooting sessions on location all over the US for clients who just couldn’t make the trek to the studio. Some of my favorite cities I’ve captured boudoir clients in are Los Angeles, Dallas, San Diego, Seattle, and Santa Barbara. Capturing women on location in a swanky hotel is the ULTIMATE experience for a client, and being able to photograph them in their own home town makes the experience that more poignant.

Our current studio is located in Downtown Selah, in beautiful Central Washington. The luxury experience my team and I provide to every client makes for an unforgettable experience, and one that you’ll want to repeat over and over again.