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Reflections in Business; Patience is King.

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I remember the morning my 3rd child born. He arrived 13 weeks early with no warning signs of what was to come. We spent 80 days in NICU with what seemed to be no end in sight.

But then, one day, I arrived at NICU & he was in a real crib instead of an incubator & I saw that glimmer of shadowy light I had been striving for.

Weeks later, I got to bring my son home.

There was no HUGE moment that said there was a 100% chance he’d make it there. It happened slowly & gradually, until the day finally arrived & I was oddly shocked to hear the words, “he’s ready to go home.”

In life & business, patience is key & reflection is living in the abundance of self-awareness. Two years prior, I gave birth to a son who was also born 13 weeks early.

Except he never got to come home.

He died in my arms in a dim hospital room.

Sometimes we don’t arrive at the destination we planned; and it’s devastatingly heartbreaking. And other times we expect the worst and the unexpected miracle happens. There are so many moments in our life that beg to be reflected on; monthly, weekly, even daily. Reflect on the abundance in your life today.

Be reminded of the wins and the loses. When we are aware, we become grounded in our goals, and that’s when we are the most effective.

image by Stefanie Galfano Photography

Soul Seeker| Boudoir Photographer Yakima

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boudoir shadows

She would roam forever in the quiet fields of my soul…. – Atticus

Stunningly gorgeous, she walked through the door of the studio with eyes bright and full of excitement, and maybe a touch of nerves. I remember looking at her as we spoke about the mundane details that makes this life so imperfectly sweet, thinking how absolutely beautiful she was, how her hair fell perfectly over the side of her face, and how she glowed as she laughed. I knew that we were going to make magic happen in the studio. I prayed that she would trust me, and allow me the chance to capture the vulnerable side that we all hide so carefully. We shared our testimonies during hair and makeup, both realizing that we have so much in common and we could relate to the pleasures and pains that we had both gone through in this crazy thing called life. After taking a peak at the epic outfits she brought in, we made our game plan that included a lighter, airy look of a white body suit and a nude lip color, a 50-shades inspired look with a deep red lip and vixen colors, and of course, the session couldn’t be complete without a few nudes and a white sheet thrown in the mix.

I knew she was nervous, so I made sure to show her a few images on the back of my camera, and that wiped away any fears she had. She instantly went all in, and followed everything direction I gave her. The results were fucking mind-blowing.

It’s been six months since her session and she is still saying, “HOLY SHIT, that’s me!”

Connecting with my clients is key. Being able to listen and validate their stories not only matters to them, but it matters so much to me. Boudoir is such a journey of discovery. We often don’t even know what we might find, and more often than not, we are shocked at how we fall deeply in love with ourselves. It’s not vanity, it’s a pure love that only comes from allowing the shades to be opened just enough to let light shine through so that others can see it. It’s about owning the body we were given, and languishing in all it’s curves without self-hatred. It’s about taking steps of healing in your heart and mind. And it changes EVERYTHING.

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Gorgeous | Yakima Boudoir Session

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moody boudoir session yakima


So often I meet clients and am just blown away by how beautiful they are through and through. This busy mom wanted to treat her hubby to a special gift, but also a gift to herself. She wanted to see herself in a different light, the way others saw her, so she booked a session with us!

She shared about her boudoir photography experience….

My session was a wonderful! I loved being pampered, and both photographer and stylist were very professional and wonderful people to be around. I had so much fun! I splurged, and had the Kellie Mae stylist handle my hair and makeup; my hair was glamorous, and my makeup was stunning. I wanted to be beautiful and sexy, also seductive and alluring. I believe that as a group we pulled it off!

I asked her if she was nervous and she said, “I wasn’t nervous at all… the experience was exciting the entire time.

Her advice for anyone thinking about a boudoir session….

I would say, come to the shoot with an open mind. Be willing to show yourself even though you do not think you have anything to offer. You wouldn’t be there if you didn’t. Above all, be confident in the reasons why you are there. We are all beautiful, and we as women deserve to feel that way, no matter what our past present or future looks like.
Here are a few of her stunning boudoir images…
 boudoir boudoir boudoir boudoir session yakima boudoir moody boudoir moody boudoir session moody boudoir session yakima
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Gorgeous Boudoir Photography | Kellie Mae Yakima Boudoir Photographer

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black and white boudoir session

Kellie Mae says, “Ooh la la!” Boudoir Photography at it’s finest!

Oh how we love some good ‘ol fashioned boudoir sessions here at Kellie Mae Studio! Can I just say how much I LOVE Boudoir Photography!?!

Today I have a very special boudoir blog post for you. It features Miss C, a stunning and confident woman who was an absolute pleasure to photograph. As you can see, she is extremely photogenic.black and white boudoir session

We  met at our Downtown Selah Studio for Miss C’s Session. Her hair and makeup were done by the amazing Kristi Kelley, who did a brilliant job on her hair and makeup!

Once Miss C was finished getting pampered and perfected, we began her boudoir photography session. She brought three changes of clothing for the session and I loved them all. She brought a Navy blue and ivory lace piece, a camp tank with a cute orange thong, and she borrowed one of our studio corsets as well (which is always fabulous)!
We talked beforehand, and decided to go for a classy, sexy, woman again not just a mom kinda vibe. I definitely think we were able to capture that! With all boudoir photography sessions here at Kellie Mae, I like discuss details beforehand to ensure that we are going to capture everything you want and then some!

Says Miss C: “Simply fun. I never thought I would enjoy my session so much; Kellene was awesome in coaching me into poses..”

I’m glad to hear she had such a positive experience!

Without further adieu, the sexy Miss C!white sheet boudoir

playful boudoir  hair flip blue boudoir


Beautiful Bump | Maternity Boudoir Photography

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outdoor maternity session

Stunning Maternity Boudoir Photography

Today, I have the luxury of sharing such a gorgeous boudoir photography session! I cannot begin to describe how much I love this session. I really wanted to capture the pure, undulating beauty that comes with pregnancy, and I can honestly say that this beauty blew me away!

Maternity Boudoir Photography is such a special type of session. Nothing beats the opportunity of being pampered, adored, and photographed; and it’s even better when you are expecting! Taking some much needed ME time was one of the reasons Miss A was SO excited to book her own pregnancy boudoir photography session. This busy mama has lots on her plate, so having the opportunity of some self-love really hit the spot! She was an absolute ROCK STAR both in front and behind the camera and I’m so excited to share her images with you!

Fantastic. It was something I never thought I’d be comfortable doing and in the end I would recommend it to every woman. Do it at least once.

We ended up using a bra I got from Macy’s and a couple tank tops from Walmart Mart. Wore a necklace from Kellie’s closet.

I really enjoyed the hair and makeup part of the session. It was a good time to get comfortable with the photographer and she pampered me with cider and snacks. Next time we will do wine or champagne.

I was comfortable. I think trusting my photographers sense of style and she nailed it. I didn’t want it to look too sexy and it really was spot on. I wanted something tasteful but modern for my maternity photography session, and I am so pleased with the results!

My photographer set me at ease quite quickly. The first few shots were nerve racking but I listed to her guidance and became comfortable quite quickly.

Don’t stress about finding something perfect to wear. I think the more simple it is the better. I was worried I didn’t have enough and didn’t get enough stuff but I really didn’t need it.

I entered a contest in her website and she chose me to do a Model Shoot. I probably never would have done it between a busy lifestyle and confidence issues but I’m glad I did. I did it for myself and I have never been more pleased.

I’m very outdoorsy. Love fishing, hunting and playing outside with my boys. I’m all about being a mom and wife. This was very out of context for me.

My favorite part was when I looked in the mirror after hair and makeup. I honestly almost cried. I’ve never seen myself so glamorous.

I was honored to have the outdoor shoot with the sunset behind me. Chosen by the photographer.

Interested in learning more about our boudoir photography sessions? Click here to fill out our contact form and I’ll send you a link download our ULTIMATE Dream Session Planner!!

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Double Rainbow | Yakima Boudoir Photographer

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outdoor boudoir

My experience was amazing! I felt very pampered and sexy. Had great laughs & fun! Really boosted my “sexy confidence” so now I feel more confident in me.

I brought a black lacy heart shaped but teddy, fuchsia teddy with black lace, & frilly boy shorts with a lacy black baby doll top. Hips & Curves is where I ordered from on-line!

Yes in deed! It was wonderful. My honey is not really into makeup he likes me to look natural but I’ll tell you he talks about my makeup often! Says wow! I didn’t know what to do with myself!

Sexy, provocative, & natural. Definitely pulled it off!

Little nervous in general but was made to feel very comfortable and it was super easy to get in the groove.

Listen & watch Kellene, she will show you

A gift for him

Horses, camping, & fishing.. Really anything outdoors

Gosh it was all fun. I had a double rainbow during my outdoor session that was pretty awesome!

It was prime!

Interested in learning more about our sessions? Click here to fill out our contact form and I’ll send you a link download our ULTIMATE Dream Session Planner!!

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Confident | Yakima Boudoir

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sexy boudoir

Miss H completely ROCKED her session with us! This busy mama definitely enjoyed her epic day of pampering and killer images! Here is a little bit about her session experience!

It was awesome Kellene was so funny and made feel so comfortable. The pictures turned out amazing and it was so hard to pick out favorites!

I got my stuff at Macy’s. I got two nighties, a bra, undies and a off the shoulder shirt. I had a dress also that was from target!

I loved my hair and makeup I felt so pampered! It was dramatic and not like my normal but so beautiful.

I honestly wasn’t sure what vibe I was going for I just came in with an open mind and said I am at your will! It was great though such a fun time!

I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect but Kellene talked me through it was light-hearted and helped me achieve some super photos I couldn’t believe that it was me!

Just trust her, follow her directions she give great directions and try to just relax and be yourself!

It was for me and a surprise for my hubby!

I love horses being outside spending time with my kids and hubby! I will try anything at least once and love to cook!
Taking the pictures and seeing the results

Interested in learning more about our sessions? Click here to fill out our contact form and I’ll send you a link download our ULTIMATE Dream Session Planner!!

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Interested in learning more about our sessions?

Click here to fill out our contact form and I’ll send you a link download our ULTIMATE Dream Session Planner!!

Get your sexy on | Yakima Boudoir

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This sexy thing answered my latest model call, and we hit it off from the start! We had SUCH a blast, laughed more than adults should, and most importantly, captured some of the craziest, sexiest images EVER!

One of the best experiences of my life. I am still shocked at how comfortable I ended up being and absolutely floored at what she captured. There just are not words!!

I brought almost my whole closet haha! But we narrowed down to three outfits; a black and navy lingerie set with black thong, and a lacy white bra and panty set, and of course the Cowboys jersey with the white panties. And then, I was so comfortable after going thru the whole process that I got rid of the outfits completely!!

Holy smokes!!! Kristi rocked my hair and makeup and I had told her the kind of makeup I would like and she exceeded my expectations!! I was blown away at myself!!

I’m not sure if I was even sure what vibe I was going for. I wanted to incorporate my boyfriends favorite team jersey in a sexy and fun way for him especially in those shots and I think we rocked it. A mans jersey is HUGE and not flattering for a woman haha but those shots-wow!!!
I was nervous about everything!! As women, we all have ‘that face’ and a part of our body maybe or something that we just don’t like about ourselves. I mean, we are our own biggest critics. Kellene makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed just by coaching or even taking time out of her own day to text you and assure you that everything will be fine. I was having nightmares even and I text to tell her about it and she assured me that she would help me thru everything. I’m so thankful to have had someone like her.

Absolutely the best investment you can make for yourself even if doing it as a gift for someone else. You can be nervous and you will be glad you did it times a thousand!!

I entered a model call and thought with my boyfriends upcoming birthday it would be a great gift to him. Not only to him though, I was so excited to do this for myself. When I entered the call, I had said that I wasn’t as fit as I’d like to be but I am happier in life than I’ve ever been and can say I love myself now! I have kicked around the idea of boudoir but was never serious about it and then I thought, here’s my chance!!! The feeling loving myself only intensified after seeing my sneaks. I embraced me and who I am now curves and all!!
I love to let my creative side out. Painting, coloring, just making things out of whatever is around is so fun. Music is a huge part of my life and it gets me thru anything or ready for anything! I do everything to music!
Being silly, open and comfortable with the photographer! I loved that she coached everything and made me feel so relaxed! ‘Ok, so you’re here and I want you to go here and here!’ With all the hand moves and everything!
It was a model call and we used her new studio space. It was perfect and the natural lighting in that room was perfect!
white sheet boudoir
Hair Flip
boudoir bootyboudoir



boudoir inspiration

For more information about our Boudoir Sessions, visit us at www.kelliemae.com/contact

Boudoir Marathon | Portland Boudoir Photographer

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©Kellie Mae Loft Style Boudoir Images


Sneak peaks from our recent boudoir marathon in Downtown Vancouver, WA!

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing another amazing group of women in Downtown Vancouver. I utilized the Studio Space of Studio 104 in Vancouver, WA and it was the ultimate loft-style space for a day of shooting fabulous women. I decided on using the space in a simple fashion, really touching on beautiful lighting, and not a lot of props to create some incredible imagery. My clients were FANTASTIC as always, and I spent the day bustling corsets and snapping images of beautiful women that I now am honored to know on a more personal level.

Here are a few images from the day! *I only showcase clients you have signed a model release form and have approved the images I’d like to blog.*

©Kelliemae.com Boudoir Loft Image ©Kelliemae.com Boudoir Loft Image ©Kelliemae.com Boudoir Loft Image ©Kelliemae.com Boudoir Loft Image


























































I’m currently booking boudoir sessions for the end of February and March in Downtown Vancouver!

February and March Sessions are $250 and include:

a 45 minute session

styling help

awesome loft-style location

Little Black book album

5 digital files of your choice

*Option to add professional hair and makeup for an additional fee!*

For more information, CLICK HERE to fill out our contact form!


Lillies of the Field | Boudoir Photographer

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Lately I’ve been plagued with a love/hate of my body. For some of you, you know that in January I made some healthy changes and have lost some weight over these past 6 months. I started eating clean, working out 6 days a week, and all around “thinking healthier. I’ve been through A LOT, and my body sure shows it. From 7 abdominal surgeries, to loosing my son in 2009, to having another infant in NICU for 80 days, to going through a divorce and having to start completely over in my personal life, shit adds up. And it shows. Well, at least I can see it.
Yes, I have ab definition and yes, I’m proud of it. But to say that I am at my “ideal” is so far from the truth. I have moments of revelation where I sit back and think, “Why do I assume that I should have the same body I had at 15?” I mean that was 3 kids ago, a divorce ago, 8 moves ago, and more tears than I could ever count! So why then do I always, ALWAYS revert back to looking in the mirror searching for my 15 year old body, when clearly I am a woman of 31?
When I launched Kellie Mae, I had a simple mission…. All women are beautiful and all women should be allowed to FEEL beautiful. I want to give women BACK that feeling most of us have felt at one point in our lives, where we were as close as we could be to “perfect”. Or at least we were at that point where we felt confident in who we were. When I did my own boudoir shoot after an incredible workshop with the fabulous Boudoir Divas I came into my own.
I weighed 150 lbs, and didn’t care. I FELT BEAUTIFUL. More than that, I BELIEVED I was perfect, JUST AS I WAS.
Just recently, I photographed one of the most incredible women that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting since the launch of Kellie Mae. It was a last minute session, and by God’s grace it all came together at the right moment so that while I was in town shooting another project, I was able to get her in for her third boudoir session (yes, her third). And here is the message I received just 2 days before I had her in front of the camera…
Hey girl, I need a pick-me-up. Need to feel beautiful and sexy.
BOOM. There it was. And to be completely honest, this woman is a KNOCK-OUT! AND she’d already done 2 sessions with me, but just like myself, the confidence fades and we are so desperate to get back to remembering how amazing we really are. So within a few hours, we were all set for her 3rd boudoir session, and I couldn’t wait.
There are some special moments in the career of photographers, clients we really resonate with, experiences we remember. I’ll never forget the moment I took a shot of my client, who had already been in front of my camera 2 other times before, showed her the instant preview and she squealed with delight, saying, “SHUT UP! OMGosh! I mean I work so hard on my body, and I doubt so much, but I’m HOT!”
That is why I LOVE this job. Because I get to experience moments of awareness and empowerment at the most vulnerable of times.
©Kellie Mae ©Kellie Mae ©Kellie Mae
©Kellie Mae ©Kellie Mae ©Kellie Mae
What I learned from this latest experience was that I too need to embrace my own body. There is a never a time where we are 100% in love with our bodies. No matter who is in front of my camera, EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear “I hate my tummy, I hate my thighs, my body is a hot mess…” from every body type, every age group. Women feel SO insecure about their bodies, and it is ALWAYS the same complaints. EMBRACE who you are. YOU are LOVED right this minute; we must learn to love ourselves in our OWN skin. There is SO much power in being okay with being ourselves. <3
I had a fellow photog, Skye Hardwick, a woman I admire dearly, post something the other day that was beyond powerful……..
“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.” – Proverbs 18:21
I challenged my family … “What if everything that came out of your mouth today came true?” Now, after we all said things like, “I found a millions dollars!” and “I look like I’m 29 again!” … there would be the honest truth about what we speak (read: think) on a daily basis.
“See, I always mess things up.”
“I’m not just good at that.”
“I’m too lazy to go and get it.”
“I know I should eat right, but why bother?”
Food for thought.
I was BLOWN AWAY! Because I’m THAT WOMAN TOO! This made me think so much about the power of our words and thoughts. We owe ourselves love and grace. If our amazing, incredible creator loves us JUST AS WE ARE, then HOW can I not love myself???
So this week I’m meditating on this verse with the hopes of changing how I view myself.
3 Let your beauty be not just the outward adorning of braiding the hair, and of wearing jewels of gold, or of putting on fine clothing;

4 but in the hidden person of the heart, in the incorruptible adornment of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God very precious.

-1 peter 3:3-4
I leave you with this verse and ask that you ponder with the idea, no, ponder with the truth,  that beyond the veil of our own skewed view of how we look, we are perfect in our creator’s eyes.