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“God created us in His perfect vision of beauty. He empowers us by revealing the beauty around us, in ourselves, and in others. Through His spirit and love, He gives us the guidance and wisdom to create a life that will not only benefit ourselves, but one that will also bless all those we come in contact with. He gives out of pure love and abundantly provides the means to create unique, classy, timeless, romantic, and beautiful art through my camera. God grants me the talent to create the overall experience that Kellie Mae provides to reveal every woman’s confidence uniquely to herself. He grants us the ability to fill a void in women’s lives; where once a skewed vision of their beauty once lived, we are blessed to participate in our client’s journey and we watch before our eyes the barriers of self-doubt being broken down, to reveal every woman’s true beauty. I thank God daily for His abundant blessings in all that I have and all that I have yet to accomplish, as I strive to change the lives of women all over the world through His name. Thankfulness and fulfillment overflows in my heart as I come to Him daily in prayer, giving thanks for all I have, trusting in Him fully with my life and business. In all I do, and all I accomplish, I owe to Him. It is through His abundant grace and blessings that I am able to do the works of His hands.”