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Prior to Valentinte’s Day, I had some boudoir pictures taken for my husband.  Little did I know, how amazing the experience would be for ME!   I was nervous going in, and had some second thoughts.  Although I have fair to medium self-esteem, I can’t deny the obvious, that I carry at least 50 unnecessary pounds…AND, I’m about to get naked and take pictures.

I’m going to try not to blog about it too much…but you have no idea how much I adore my husband.  The only thing that depresses me about our situation, is that I didn’t meet him first.  But, I can’t dwell on that.  Long story short, I could honestly blog about him every single day and NEVER get tired of telling you how much I love him.  Sappy, I know…but I knew that I had to have these pictures taken for him, because he adores every square inch of me, he love the parts that I love and he loves the parts I hate even more.
“He deserved to see me love myself as much as he does.”

The whole experience, from stepping in the door, was amazing.  Not only do you get professional hair and make-up, but the girls are both wearing little to no make-up, hair pulled back and in tank tops and leggings.  VERY no frills.  It sets the tone for the whole appointment.  They are obviously there for the clients.  We took a mini-tour of the set and the were given a run-down of the schedule.  I went with a childhood friend, so we got to have fun together and joke around.

After hair and make-up, we were shown some of the outfits and accessories that were availible if we didn’t have our own.  I had brought my own outfits, and so I changed into my first set of clothes and we headed downstairs and started the shoot.  Kellene (photography/owner of KellieMae) is funny and great at setting up a comfortable atmosphere.  She knows how/where to pose you to most flatter your body.  It was just so fun and amazing.  She’s constantly complimenting the whole time…and is really invested in making the experience a confidence boosting, life altering experience.  Her mission, boiled down, is working to strip the self-esteem issues that women put upon themselves.  And, she does a great job at working towards her mission.

Long story short, is was a GREAT Valentine’s Day.  I loved giving the pictures to Zach.  He loved them…but he flipped through them really quickly and, although he enjoyed them, put them away right away.  I was a little confused, and it hurt my feelings a little bit.  But he looked at me and basically said he liked them, but they don’t compare to seeing the real me every day.

Hence the entire experience coming back to me.  In the end, I’m sure my husband looks at them from time to time, but I have them to look at too.  It reminds me of a time when I felt beyond beautiful and sexy and sure of myself.  Basically reminds me of how I should feel all the time.  How every woman should feel all the time.  Everyone MUST do it once.  Thank you Kellie Mae!  You made me a fan of myself!


“I was really nervous about doing the pictures. I haven’t felt comfortable in my own skin since I gave birth to my son. But after being there and having my hair done and make up done and feeling beautiful I felt a lot better. You made everything so comfortable and i was able to breath and make jokes and felt a lot better!”



“I cannot recommend Kellie Mae enough!!!  I had such an incredible time with my photo shoot.  I had no idea what I was doing, how to pose, how to look “sexy”.  Kellie Mae knew just how to pose me and direct me so that the photos turned out amazing.  And it was so fun to boot!  I was nervous that I would feel awkward and that it would come across in my photos that I felt uncomfortable.  But I wasn’t at all.  It was seriously so much fun and I am so thankful that I now have these beautiful photos to share with my husband.  Such a huge confidence booster!”




“From the ‘welcome,’ to the hair and make-up, to all the little touches and Kellene coming in every now and again to make sure we were relaxed, everything was great! She asked us our favorite drinks, music, and “styles” of photography and matched everything I loved. Everyone was easy-going and kept us relaxed during a photo shoot that I might not normally be comfortable with. But, she helped both me and my friend to realize how beautiful we really were. We were both in GOOD tears when we saw the pictures of each other and knew we would want to come back again!”






“My session with KellieMae was the most fun I have ever had getting my picture taken. Gone are the days of cheesy smiles and unnatural poses! Kellene helps you to relax, have a great time, and be yourself. I have never felt more beautiful than I did when I first saw my photos. Every woman needs to treat herself to this fun and empowering experience. And if she wants to make the most of it, she needs to treat herself to Kellie Mae!”



“Kellie Mae is an Amazing Photographer. Her work is stunning. From entering the studio, to hair and makeup, all the way down to posing, she made me feel so comfortable. And it was a blast. I will be going no where else for my photography needs.”






“I wanted to get my fiance something a little different for his wedding present and saw that Kellene was offering a boudoir shoot. I was very nervous going into the shoot, Im not the skinniest girl around! But after about 5 mintues in front of the camera, I was laughing my butt off and having a blast. Kellene was great at giving suggestions for poses, as well as asking what ideas I had. I couldn’t have been happier with how the pictures turned out!”


“Kellie Mae is amazing! Never in my life have I felt so sexy, beautiful ,and confident. She helped me get my sexy back! ”



“My experience with KellieMae was exceptional. I will without a doubt recommend her to family and friends! I loved how comfortable I was through the whole process and shoot. Even when I was only sporting cowgirl boots!  And I can’t forget how amazing you made me look! Her “love” “amazing” and “more booty” comments made it fun and relaxing! we even laughed and cracked jokes!  Please don’t look anywhere else to hire a photographer. Kellene is the total package as well as an amazing women!”


“My experience at Kellie Mae Studio was absolutely AMAZING! I have always wanted to do a boudoir shoot but was too scared to take the leap. I heard such wonderful things about the Kellie Mae Studio that I decided to put my fear aside and schedule a session. Immediately Kellene put me at ease. We had so much fun! Every single picture was stunning and my husband is begging for more.”






“I really enjoyed the fact that when I came in for my session, I felt instantly relaxed and as though I were among sisters or great friends. I loved the hair and makeup for the shoot. It turned out very glamorous! I love that even though I brought a hodgepodge of items that I wasn’t quite sure how to pair, Kellene gave me great advice on what to wear, which photographed awesomely. I also loved Kellene’s coaching/ coaxing/ complimenting and just being so bubbly during the photographing. It really truly was an immensely enjoyable experience that I would do again in a heartbeat and recommend to all women who have forgotten how beautiful they really truly are or those who are just looking for the fun of being a supermodel for the day. Kellene and Harmony help bring that inner beauty out of its shell and capture it eternally in a photograph. I can’t say enough good things about my Kellie Mae Luxury Boudoir experience!!”