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Scarlett & Stephen Workshop Review | Dallas

Scarlett & Stephen’s Dallas Workshop Review

I attended Scarlett and Stephen’s Dallas workshop in hopes of revitalizing not only my business, but also for myself. As a mother of 2, who home-schools, and has a husband who is on the road 80% of the time, I knew something needed to change in my business so that all avenues would benefit not only my family, but also for my own need for fulfillment as well. All of my expectations were FAR exceeded, as hour after hour of invaluable information was shared by these two amazingly talented artists. I have been following both Scarlett and Stephen separately for years, and then, following them through their beautiful relationship and their INCREDIBLE wedding. I was awe-struck when they launched their new combined business S & S, and how it flourished! I knew at that moment, I needed to make the investment and attend one of their workshops. I feel like I can’t even put a price on what I learned, because at the end of the day, their pure, honest business advice was priceless! For the past 4 years, I have dabbled in all areas of photography. My main love has been wedding photography, and it has been the most sought after service that I offer. But recently, I revisited boudoir photography with a few of this year’s “brides to be” and I am head of heels in LOVE with Boudoir! I love the relaxed pace the style offers, the ability to truly “Serve” my clients with a priceless experience, and the benefit of not having a jam-packed schedule for months on end. I walked away from this workshop with the tools I need to evolve and change my brand to focus directly on Couture Boudoir Photography. I came home dripping with knowledge and eager to begin the transformation. I bought a new domain, created an entirely new website and am starting to book clients for my next boudoir event. The horizon looks better than ever, and with the confidence and tools Scarlett and Stephen shared at the workshop, I am more excited than ever to see this new business grow! Thank you Scarlett and Stephen for your willingness to be authentic, followers of Christ, and share how your faith and business savvy have blessed you in all ways of life. You both are a true inspiration and I am beyond blessed to have been witness to your teaching and encouragement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Blessings and Love,

Kellene Maynard – Portland, OR