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Our society is bombarded with sexy images of beautiful women EVERYWHERE. Most women fall into the trap of wishing “I could have their body, their luxurious hair, and their perfect skin.” From commercials to billboards, everywhere you look, you see “perfection” and it is only natural that as women, you want that feeling too!

This is where boudoir photography plays a HUGE role in women’s life. Any woman can walk into a luxury store and purchase the most popular offerings, with the hopes of feeling as beautiful as the model walking the runway. To many dismays, the promised feeling of sexiness isn’t delivered and we are home looking in the mirror in a new bra and panty set dissecting every flaw on our body. As REAL women, it isn’t about being jealous of these models, but that we often rarely, if ever, get the opportunity to show off our own unique beauty and say “look at me, enjoy me, I’m beautiful.” Our lives are busier now than ever, full of 8-5 jobs, soccer practice, children, getting dinner on the table, and managing housework. As you perform these super-woman type tasks day in and day out we become tired, and set aside our own feelings, wants, and needs for our families.

This is what makes a luxury boudoir session so unique and rewarding for a woman.

It gives you the chance to come “out of your shell”, to do something completely out of the ordinary, focusing on YOU in a full day of pure pampering and feeling sexy, and showcasing your unique gorgeousness.

A luxury experience with Kellie Mae fills you with confidence. Your husband is able to see you in a bright, new light, as your refreshed confidence sparks a flame between you. In the business of life, we as women need to all set aside time to FEEL sexy; and a luxury boudoir session is the opportunity to do just that.

On top of that, the glam team at Kellie Mae Luxury Boudoir gives women an experience they will never forget. From professional hair and makeup, champagne, and amazing locations, women walk away truly feeling like the supermodel they are. The photographer, Kellie Mae, takes clients through an experience provided not only makes you feel incredible sexy, BUT also provides PROOF through your incredible images! And that is Kellie Mae’s #1 goal; to bring that experience to EVERYDAY women, giving her the permission to FEEL sexy, improving her self-image and self-esteem, and giving her a new-found confidence as she discovers just how beautiful she truly is.

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